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Sky Log provides quality support in warehousing and offers storage of goods in a free and a customs warehouse. In addition, we offer a wide range of value added services, depending on the individual customer requirements such as consolidation, repackaging, inventory tracking, effective management of supply chain and other specific services in the area of warehousing.

Specialized warehousing services

Sky Log is a reliable partner for customers who require specialized warehousing services tailored according to their individual needs. Our distribution centers are equipped with modern technologies and we have professionals who are not saving their efforts to increase the operational efficiency of our customers, while saving considerable time and costs.

Free warehouse

SkyLog has free warehouses so established that they provide not only storage space but also numerous additional benefits to the customer such as obtaining detailed information on shipments, effective inventory tracking and optimization, leading to improved processing time of shipping orders.

Customs warehouse

We provide our customers an additional flexibility with the goods storage in our customs warehouses, facilitating their re-export and eliminating the worries regarding any additional costs. If it’s specifically requested by customer we provide various value-added services to ensure easy and fast delivery.