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Air Transport

The air transport is the newest member in the family of freight and transport services. Many people call the aviation "one of the greatest gifts of the 20th century." Ever since the genesis of aviation it was clear for everyone that this would lead to a transport revolution. Nowadays it is the fastest way to move your goods from one point to another. Like each of the other modes of transport, the air transport has its serious advantages but also some disadvantages that must be taken into account when choosing how to transport your goods.

The main advantages of air transport are:


High speed –Air transport is the fastest of all modes of transport and it is therefore suitable for transportation of goods that must travel a long distance in a short period of time. There’s no competition or alternative of the air transport when it comes to emergency shipments.


Fast service - Air transport provides convenient, efficient and fast transportation services. It is defined as the best way to transport perishable goods.


It does not require any infrastructure investments - air transport does not require additional emphasis on the pavement, like what is needed in the railway transport.


Easy access - Air transport is the only mode of transport that can reach less accessible areas and regions that are unachievable for the other types of transport.

here are no physical barriers - Aviation is exempt from the physical barriers, because it uses the most prickets airline routes that are not subject to seas, oceans, mountains or forests.


National defense - Aviation plays a very important role in the state defense as modern wars are conducted in their major part in the air. The planes have the advantage of destroying the enemy for a short period of time.


Our experts in the air transport have developed special products designed in accordance with the specific industry requirements of the customers such as:

dangerous goods, valuables, high risk air cargo and perishable shipments. Armed with these products, we are able to provide a maximum flexibility and value added to every client:


Our air services portfolio includes:

• Weekly consolidations via Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Taipei

• Transport of dangerous goods and perishable products