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SKY LOG Ltd. is the leading Bulgarian air charter service company with sound experience and proven standing on the aviation market. The company is specialized in transportation of military production worldwide and offers full air logistics solutions to its high demanding international customers.


SKY LOG ltd. is preferred partner for sensitive air charter operations due to its competitive rates, commitment to maximum safety and security, flexibility in handling each inquiry and individual case to case solutions.


The company offers reliable and cost-effective air charter services as briefed hereunder:

Air cargo charters worldwide, especially with military production and dangerous goods classified by IATA as forbidden for air transport, including:

Expert knowledge on routing restrictions and latest regulations;

Preflight advice on packaging, load ability, route planning, cargo and flight documentation and procedures;

Preparation of full set with required documents – shipper’s declarations for dangerous goods, AWB, packing lists, requisite state declarations and certificates, IATA cargo labels;

Management of diplomatic clearance procedures, forms and letters;

Management of permissions under exemption from states of origin, destination, state of operator and on route countries as required, for transportation of forbidden dangerous goods by air;


Full airport handling services at origin, destination and technical/fuel stop airports on route for air charter operations, including military and special cargo and dangerous goods classified by IATA as forbidden for air transportation:

Company offers services under ICAO standards licence for airport ground handling operator – ground administration and supervision;

Our professional staff involved at each stage of operation is licensed under IATA regulations for safe transportation of dangerous goods by air -category 6 and 3;


Transportation with different types of cargo aircrafts with high professional crews, licenced to carry regulated and hazardous cargo:

Boing 747-400 - with commercial payload up to 110 tons;

Boing 767   - with commercial payload up to 52 tons;

IL-76 - with commercial payload up to 45 tons;

Airbus 300 - with commercial payload up to 43 tons;

Airbus 330 - with commercial payload up to 52 tons;

Tu-204 - with commercial payload up to 28 tons;

An-12 - with commercial payload up to 17 tons;

An-74 - with commercial payload up to 9 tons;

An-124 - with commercial payload up to 110 tons.



Delivery to and from any region worldwide:


Middle East;




South America;



The high professional staff of SKY LOG Ltd. is available 24/7 – 365 days a year to meet all the individual needs of customers and to follow closely each stage of operation from inquiry till delivery.